Sunday, May 24, 2020

Maverick Solo Tunesmith







"When I first heard Frank Trainor play live I was totally blown away by his presence, power and communication. He is one of the most powerful writer/singer/guitarists I have ever heard." - Elliot Mazer, Legendary Record Producer - (Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, The Band)

"My business is to find songwriters that I think are capable of writing hit records. Frank Trainor fits all those requirements. He is one of the finest writers I've ever heard in my life." - Bob Beckham, Legendary Publisher Combine Music - (Kris Kristofferson, Tony Joe White)


"Sign me up for the fan club. A voice full of heart and A + for songwriting"  - Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine-Disclaimer Record Reviews, Nashville, TN 


"As a music publisher for over twenty years, it's always a joy to find writers with talent. In my own career, three songwriters come to mind as having that special magic...Myles Goodwyn, Bryan Adams & Frank Trainor. Frank Trainor is one of the best." - Brian Chater, Music Publisher, Director, Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA/CIMA) & FACTOR


"Frank Trainor is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever had the personal privilege to know or hear. Regardless of your style or taste in music, should you need advice from a true craftsman then Frank Trainor is the man. It will make you a better writer."  - Stephen Colyer, former Head of Promotion CBS Records UK